Ancient Egypt Constitution

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Ancient Egypt Constitution

Blog by Egyptologist Mohamed Fahmy

In the midst of current affairs in Egypt where people are debating over the constitution that has been set before them to vote on, I would like to present to you one of the oldest, if not the oldest constitution in history.

I think you will see once you have read all 42 points we could all take a lesson in how we should conduct ourselves.

Here is the main constitution that has been set for thousands of years by Ancient Egypt with Maat (the Goddess of Justice & Human Rights) as the protector over it as shown in the picture.

The principles are:
1. I live for Justice
2. I appreciate beauty
3. I spread peace
4. I live for God and keep my offerings to God
5. I confirm that life is sacred
6. I must speak honestly
7. I must assume good about people
8. I must treat animals well
9. I must look after the land
10. I am reliable
11. I keep my own affairs to myself
12. I must be humble
13. I must respect others
14. I must be moderate in my spending
15. I must respect the Judiciary
16. I must be genuine
17. I must respect others freedom
18. I must speak logic
19. I must give charity
20. I must give happiness and joy to my family
21. I must speak the truth
22. I must speak good about others
23. I must be moderate in my feelings
24. I must not commit adultery
25. I must maintain my relationship with people
26. I must always be kind in dealing with others
27. I must listen to the opposite opinion
28. I must condemn sarcasm of other people
29. I must accept love with in all its forms
30. I must love and forgive
31. I must treat people equally
32. I love all
33. I must be civilized
34. I must earn my living honestly
35. I must respect and show my respect for others
36. I must help people who beg for help
37. I must follow my instincts
38. I must do good deeds
39. I must respect all religions
40. I must protect the water (The Nile) and never pollute it
41. I must respect human rights
42. I must commit to always doing my best

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