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10 Lasting Traditions from Ancient Egypt

10 lasting traditions from Ancient Egypt

There is no doubt that the Ancient Egyptians Civilization was one of the most important civilisations and that it still amazes and fascinates the whole world today.  Many of its traditions and practices have endured until today.
Today I want to share with you 10 lasting traditions from Ancient Egypt

1- Writing
The Ancient Egyptians invented writing and were the first people who used the pen and sheets of papyrus to register everyday activity.
2- Easter holiday 
The Ancient Egyptians were the first to celebrate Easter and they used to colour eggs at Easter time.
3- The Calendar
The Ancient Egyptians had divided the year into seasons that consisted of 365 days. Two lasting Calendar scenes can still be seen today, one in Abydos Temple and the other at Kom-Ombo Temple. There is also a calendar masterpiece on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris.
4- Surgical instruments
The Ancient Egyptians invented several surgical instruments to use in medical operations and the famous scene of surgical instruments in Kom-Ombo Temple shows the similarity between their surgical instruments and ones used today including forceps to aid the delivery of babies.
5-  The Wedding Ring
Well that might surprise some people but the fact of the matter is giving a bride a ring on their wedding day was indeed an Ancient Egyptian tradition and of course now practised worldwide.
6- Music
We have learned from several artistic scenes in the Valley of the Nobles on the West bank of Luxor city that Music and dancing played an important part to entertain and amuse them.
7- Social Drinking (Wine & Beer)
Beer was the official drink of all Ancient Egyptians while wine was the drink of Royalties. Ancient Egyptians made their beer of barley while their wine was made out of grapes and apples. A tomb of a brewer who served an ancient Egyptian court more than 3,000 years ago has just been discovered in Luxor.
The man buried in it was “head of beer production”, archaeologists say.
8- Wrapping the dead body in Linen.
The Ancient Egyptians used to wrap their mummified bodies in white linen before they buried them; surprisingly this is still the same tradition in modern Egypt, as the dead body must be wrapped in white linen before being buried.
9-  Wrestling
One of the most important sporting scenes that had been represented in Beni-Hassan Tombs in El Minya City (Middle of Egypt 300Km south of Cairo) shows how the Ancient Egyptians were passionate about the Wrestling sport.
10- Astrology
The Temple of Dandara north of Luxor city contains the famous Zodiac scene that has the scorpion and the balance among other Horoscopic astrology figures.

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Written by Mohamed Fahmy
MA Egyptology
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