Green Policy

Explore Travel & Cruises Green Code of Ethics

Explore Travel and Cruises recognise that taking care of our environment and limiting the impact of climate change is of critical importance to the 21st century. We understand the importance of putting in place measures to reduce our own carbon footprint, decrease greenhouse gases, conserve energy and water, reduce waste and recycle wherever possible within our company and its day to day operations. As a company we want to ensure we do our part in combating global warming and better serve our customers in promoting travel that helps inter-cultural understanding and ecological responsibility.

To meet these responsibilities we commit to run our business according to the following principles:
• To run our business in a manner that, wherever possible, protects and sustains natural resources and the environment in which we operate.
• To reduce waste and recycle and decrease our energy consumption at every opportunity.
• Use and offer a carbon offset programme for our operations and for our clients to participate in if they wish to do so.
• An annual review of our practices to ensure they are up to date and relevant to environmental issues.

We also take our social responsibility very seriously and look always to promote the well-being of the community in which we operate. We take the following steps to demonstrate this responsibility:
• We employ all local staff at our holiday destinations, ensuring we contribute to the local employment market.
• We only use local suppliers for provisions, transport and services.
• We make regular charitable donations to the local charities.
• Tours groups are small (less than 20) to reduce the impact on the local environment.
• All our tour guides have been instructed regarding a “leave no trace”, attitude to any sites visited.
• We do not use vehicles older than 2 years old to ensure we use the most energy efficient transport available.