Top 10 Bond Cars in Top Locations

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This year will see the 23rd Bond film “Skyfall” released and next year will be 50 years since the first Bond film, Dr No, was released.

Always a focal point of the films are the cars and of course they are always shown off to their best with action packed sequences on some of the most scenic and exotic locations in the world.

Here are our favourite ten:

1.  Bond’s first sports car was a Sunbeam Alpine which was hired by the production company from a local lady on location in Jamaica for fifteen shillings a day.

top 10 bond cars sunbeam alpine

Sunbeam Alpine – www.famouscarinfo.com

2.  The appearance of the Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger created what is now called “The Most Famous car in the World”, and the corgi model version was the best selling toy in the year of this film.

Top 10 ten Bond cars Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5 – www.magazine.utvdrive.co.uk

3.  The Lotus Esprit in “The Spy Who Loved Me” is a truly classic Bond Car and with Egypt seeing much of the filming in locations such as the Pyramids, Karnak Temple and sailing on the Nile, makes a brilliant combination.

4.  The Lotus Esprit made a second appearance in “For your Eyes Only”, and one of the featured two lotus’s used had its interior designed by Guigiaro of Italy, very classy, and along with the locations of Corfu and the small Greek town of Kalambaka, made for a completely classy setting too.

Top 10 Bond Cars Lotus Esprit

Lotus Esprit – www.autocar.co.uk

5.  Morocco created a great setting for the return of the Aston Martin, this time the Aston Martin Volante in “The Living Daylights”. Full of gadgets it gives some great action sequences in this film. Did you know that the Volante was the hardtop car in the film and a Vantage was used as the convertible.

Top 10 Bond car Aston Martin Volante

Aston Martin Volante – www.bondpix.com

 6.  “Golden Eye”, featured the BMW Z3, this was also the first film where a clear marketing strategy was used by BMW featuring a car that was to go on sale to the public a few months after the film.

7.  The same film saw the return of our favourite the Aston Martin DB5, the same car as used in “Goldfinger”, this time in the classic location of Monte Carlo.

8.  Bangkok features the BMW R1200 motorcycle (not a car, but worth a mention) with an amazing roof top action scene with the stunt driver (Jean Pierre Goy) clearing a 44 foot drop in just one take in “Tomorrow Never Dies”!

9.  The Turkish city of Baku and the Caucasus Mountains were the stunning location for Bond’s very glamorous trip out in the BMW Z8. Resale value of this car was greatly reduced when it was sawn in half though!

10.  The last two Bond movies sees the return to the Aston Martin, this time the DBS however the classic DB5 is still seen as Bond wins it from the villain in a poker game. Our favorite fact about this car is that Aston Martin made the DBS just for the film but after the release of the film demand for the car was so high Aston Martin put it in to production!

 Top 10 Bond cars Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martin DBS – www.famous-cars.net

 You will have your own favorites so share them with us.

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We would like to thank the following sites for their images:

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Lotus Esprit – www.autocar.co.uk 

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Aston Martin DBS – www.famous-cars.net



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